CCBM anglers meet at 7-pm on the FIRST Tuesday of the month at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg, Pa.

For questions, contact Bill Alward (President) at 717-512-0001 or Mark Correa (Membership Dir) at 843-441-8432.

Check the CCBM Schedule, for club events. CCBM Membership Applications are available on this website under “Applications”.


For anglers 18 and up, choices are:

 (1) Full CCBM/B.A.S.S Member ($100)

This includes CCBM, PA B.A.S.S Nation and B.A.S.S. National memberships. Member may participate in all CCBM club functions, activities and club tournaments and are eligible for PA B.A.S.S. Nation Region/State tournaments  See B.A.S.S National membership benefit information at


 (2) CCBM "B.A.S.S Social" Membership ($30)

Member may participate in club functions, activities and club tournaments. Must be a B.A.S.S member in good standing with another B.A.S.S. club, and a PA B.A.S.S. Nation member.


 (3) CCBM "B.A.S.S Volunteer" Membership ($30)

This is a membership category, it is not  intended for tournament-trail anglers.

This memebership is intended for those individuals that support CCBM community events (i.e. Casting Kids, LLS Bass Derby and youth programs).  

Member may participate in all club functions and activities. Volunteer members may participate in CCBM Tournaments ( Boater or Rider ).  

No B.A.S.S membership is required. This membership category requires CCBM Board approval.


CCBM hosts a Jr. Bassmaster Youth Club too.

The Junior Bassmaster Club is for angling-oriented youth between 10 to 18. The goal is to teach young anglers bass fishing techniques, tournament rules and community invlovement. Teamwork and camaraderie are encompansed by a semi-competitive tournament trail. 

Contact Warren King @ (717) 329-2366 for information